​Our definition of Investments in Solutions is the following: “Investments in Solutions are investments in companies, organizations and funds, with the goal the create substantial and measurable social and environmental impact, alongside a market rate financial return.” To make sure we achieve these goals, alongside the regular investment procedure, we have developed the following instruments for Investing in Solutions:

Impact assessment

We screen all our investments to see if they are potential investments in solutions. We do this by making an assessment of the social and environmental impact of these assessments. We assess our investments by using the following criteria. We call this impact assessment.

Impact measurement

When an investment qualifies as investment in solutions, social and ecological impact of the company must be measured. We do this by measuring different aspects of the value chain of an investment (input, output, outcome and impact).

Impact reporting

For investing in solutions, alongside regular (financial) reporting, investees should annually report on their social and ecological impact. The impact measurement as described before is the basis for this report. Next, we aggregate the impact of all our investments and report on the total impact of our investments to our clients, on this webpage and in the PGGM annual responsible investment report.

For each area of focus we have developed several main indicators, in order to aggregate the impact of our investments:
Climate and environment:
  • Annual renewable energy produced, in MWh
  • Annual avoided emissions, in tons CO2eq
  • Annual avoided pollution or emissions that would otherwise end up in the biosphere, in tons
  • Annual water savings in m3
  • Annual number of people with adequate access to clean water
  • Annual waste water treatment in m3
  • Annual increase in yield, in ton/ha
  • Annual avoided harvest, transport and storage losses in tons and as percentage of food production
  • Improvement in nutritional value
  • Annual increase in number of people with access to nutritional food
  • Annual increase in number of people with access to good health care
  • Annual reduction in sick days, incapacitation rate, and care demand by chronically ill and elderly
  • Percentage reduction in costs for standard treatments and medicines

Investing in Solutions Overview 2018

In 2018, we measured the impact of part of our investments in 2017. We do not have the impact data of investments made before 2014. In 2015, we have added measurability as a selection criteria for investing in solutions. The overview below outlines our investments, and the impact, per area of focus.

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On the web page Investing in Solutions you will find an overview of all investments in solutions for climate and environment, water, food and health.

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