We strongly believe that cooperation with institutional investors and other market participants such as regulators and universities leads to synergy and greater impact. We therefore participate in many partnerships on various themes.

Some examples of collaboration highlighted:

Sustainable investment of Dutch pension assets

Together with Algemene Pensioen Groep N.V (APG), we worked on developing a clear definition and standard for impact investments. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the starting point. These 17 global objectives form a framework for using the same language when speaking about impact and, consequently, to make it possible to compare the investment volumes of different institutions. We refer to the investments that contribute to the SDGs as Sustainable Development Investments (SDI). At the end of 2016, APG and PGGM published a statement with this definition. In 2017, various international investors signed this statement, thus indicating that they are adopting SDI as the definition and standard.

In addition, together with the SDG Impact Measurement working group, we are working for the Platform for Sustainable Financing of De Nederlandsche Bank on impact measurement guidelines. In this partnership, we have proposed a limited number of positive impact indicators for each SDG that are relevant for large institutional investors.

Joint voice and dialogue

We believe in the strength of cooperation with different investors and the impact of joint dialogue. That is why PGGM is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This is a network of investors supported by the United Nations with the collective objective of introducing the six principles associated with responsible investment into actual practice. Through the PRI we are actively involved in various engagement projects. In these projects PGGM, along with other investors, conducts dialogue with companies on issues like human rights. Also, with regard to voting we actively look for cooperation with other shareholders, to increase the influence of our collective voice.

Eumedion, a platform of institutional investors in the field of corporate governance and sustainability, is an important partnership in the Netherlands, which PGGM actively contributes to.

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