Focus areas

Together with our clients, we identified seven societal areas of focus in which we can have an impact. This way we can give substance to the focused contribution that PGGM as asset manager wants to make to a sustainable world.

These are areas of focus that our clients and their participants consider important and developments within these themes that we believe will have a material impact on the investments for our clients.

  • Icon climate and environment

    Climate change, pollution & emissions

    Climate change has been a key area of focus for PGGM for years. The warming of the earth by two degrees centigrade can result in extreme weather conditions, drought and floods. This can have an adverse impact on society and on the valuations of companies in which we invest the pension assets of our clients.

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  • Icon water scarcity

    Water scarcity

    Water scarcity is an increasing threat to economic growth and to human wellbeing. It has been identified as one of the major global issues by the World Economic Forum. In 2030, almost half of the world population will be faced with shortages of clean water. Water scarcity also affects the companies in which we invest.

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  • Icon food security

    Food security

    The sustainable production of sufficient food for a world population of approximately 8.3 billion people by 2030 presents an enormous challenge. Food security and sustainable food production are important areas of focus for PGGM, in which social as well as financial returns can be realised.

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  • Icon healthcare


    Healthcare is an important area of focus due to our historical connection with this sector. Access to good healthcare is a basic necessity and a human right. In addition, healthcare has our attention because investments in this sector can result in social and financial returns.

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  • Icon human rights

    Human rights

    The focus on human rights and working standards is a key aspect of responsible investment for PGGM and for our clients. The attainment of human rights is an important condition for achieving sustainable development. Also failure to respect human rights is an investment risk.

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  • Icon stable financial system

    Stable financial system

    The financial crisis has resulted in high levels of mistrust of the financial sector, with major consequences for society. The recovery of society’s trust is essential for our license to operate and we are consequently working on this together with our clients.

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  • Icon good corporate governance

    Corporate governance

    Good corporate governance is a universal, fundamental principle and a precondition for the effective operation of a company. It applies to all companies. The risk and return on investments are highly dependent on efficient markets, social systems and companies.

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