Investing in solutions

For financial and social returns

Via investing in solutions we want to achieve good financial returns as well as tangible impact on a sustainable world. Our mission is to contribute to a valuable future for the pension participants of our clients. We believe a good pension is worth more in a better world. For our clients, we invest in solutions in the areas of climate and environment, water, food and health.

By investing in solutions for these social challenges, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations. Here you can read about the taxonomies we have developed together with APG, to determine whether an investment contributes to a SDG. In order to achieve targeted impact, we invest in four themes within these 17 goals that are important to our clients: climate and environment, water, food and healthcare. An overview of investing in solutions in 2018 can be found in our Responsible Investment annual Report. For more information about responsible investment, visit the Responsible Investment web page.

  • Convictions

    Investing in solutions offers opportunities for investors and mitigates risks. Here you can read why we invest in solutions.

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  • Criteria

    We believe an investment can be called an investment in solutions only when it has a positive social impact. Here you can read the criteria that we have formulated.

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  • Impact

    We calculate the social impact of our investments on an annual basis. Here you can read how we do this.

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  • Blogs

    Here you can read what our experts write about investing in solutions and developments regarding this theme. You can also read about some examples of investments in solutions.

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  • Climate change, pollution and emissions

    We invest in solutions for climate change, such as renewable energy and clean technology. Here you can read about our investments in climate solutions.

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  • Water scarcity

    We invest in solutions for water scarcity, such as wastewater treatment and water-saving technologies. Here you can read about our investments in water solutions.

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  • Food security

    We invest in solutions for food shortages, such as efficient food production and food quality. Here you can read about our investments in food solutions.

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  • Healthcare

    We invest in solutions for healthcare, for example hospitals in developing countries and healthcare innovations. Here you can read about our investments in health solutions.

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