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We communicate using your voice, your brand. Your unique character is preserved

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    Pension administration

    We manage the pensions of more than 4.4 million participants of various pension funds. We would be happy to do this for your participants and employers.

    Pension administration
    Placing your pension administration with us means that you can expect high-quality service. Now and in the future. Use the knowledge and expertise we have amassed from managing the pensions of 4.4 million people. And in doing so guarantee your participants the correct and timely pension they deserve.

    Pension management involves large sums. We are thoroughly aware of that. Those sums cannot be entrusted lightly. That is why we render account for all our service provision. You have insight into our work and can adjust course when you feel that is necessary. So you always stay in control.

    We conduct the pension administration for sectoral and professional pension funds and for the direct defined contribution scheme. Good pension administration starts with the quality of your data. The criteria we stipulate for the quality of your data ensure that participants receive good pension overviews and employers receive correct invoices. We handle 6.8 million changes per year and do that so well that we received the Data Quality Award in 2009 and were nominated for the award in 2012 and 2013.

    The transfer and implementation of administration of your pension scheme goes beyond simply transferring data. We see the transition phase as a separate phase, which we approach on a project-basis. We draw up an operational plan for this phase, including a time line for each sub-project, a detailed description of the work to be carried out and the milestones and goals to be achieved.

    Continuity above all
    In the transition phase, the continuity of the pension administration and of the administrative process is the primary focus. Employers and participants notice very little, if anything, of the fund’s transfer to a new pension fund service provider. They are informed, of course, but the change takes place ‘as if automatically’.

    We keep the board of trustees fully updated about the progress of the transition and ensure that they are distracted as little as possible from their main task: managing the pension fund. Thanks to our project-based approach, we can make sure that the transition takes place seamlessly, with the board of trustees fully ‘in control’. This takes place via a transparent control and reporting model agreed on in advance.

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    Pension communications

    Our communications professionals know better than anyone how to get your message across. We take care of all your communications: from the market analysis to your website or a brochure. Your ambitions are always key.

    Pension communications
    Your communication starts with your ambitions. These are always central to our work. By asking questions and listening carefully, we formulate your objectives precisely as the basis for good, professional marketing and communications advice. You profit from our years of experience as communications adviser to various pension funds.

    We have already won a number of NPN communications awards for our clients. As recently as 2012 for the successful ‘Dit vind ik’ [This is what I think] campaign for PFZW. The participants of PFZW could indicate online what they thought of the new pension contract. After we explained this complex material well and in simple terms, the participants of PFZW had a better understanding of the choices that could be made.

    We are aware of the legislation and regulations and understand the language of your participants and that of the policy makers in The Hague. Furthermore we have a large network that we are happy to use to promote your interests.
    We serve all kinds of pension funds: professional, sectoral and company pension funds, but also defined benefit and defined contribution schemes. Regardless of the branch of industry.
    Your target groups
    No matter the form of communication, we take your target groups into account: your participants, the employers and the board of trustees. They are central in this process. The communications that we provide from your brand are focused on what they want to know from you. We use the right tone and choose the medium that best ties in with their perception of their environment, with the aim of increasing pension awareness. That is important in the turbulent times in which the pension world finds itself at the moment.
    Own identity
    Every pension fund has its own character: its own way of communicating, its own identity. We are conscious of that. That is why we communicate in your voice and with attention to the standards and values implied by that. Your unique character is always preserved.
    Pension funds have frequently been under fire for some time now. Your reputation as a fund may indeed be at stake.

    ​What does that do to your participants’ trust? Do you have enough of a grip on this? How do you redirect your image as collective or professional pension fund? PGGM can support and advise you in choosing the right approach to recover your clients’ trust.

    Personal contact
    We also make the difference in the direct contact with your participants and employers. We constantly survey whether your participants are satisfied with how our people at the customer contact centre assist them. We use this input to adjust course where necessary and train our people. We are proud of the result: we have won the National Contact Centre Award twice.

    Making the most of online possibilities
    You have to move with the times if you want to keep up! This is true of communications as well. We follow developments closely and invest in all online and mobile possibilities offered by new technologies. This puts us ahead of the rest of the sector.
    Your entire focus is your participants’ pension. That is also what they are most interested in. That is why we offer your participants a personal online environment where they can see exactly what their pension situation is. They can also run through personal scenarios so that they make the right choices for the pension they want.
    We also have a portal specially designed for employers, where they can follow their administration and stay abreast of the latest developments in relation to their employees’ pension.
    Your wishes are the focus.
    Your wishes are our focus. We support and advise you in this, so that you can respond to developments on time. Quality and customer satisfaction are priorities at PGGM.

The management costs at PGGM are on average 57% less than at other pension fund service providers.

Low pension management costs
The number of pensioners is on the rise. This means significantly more work involved in administration. That is why we are taking a critical look at our pension management costs. In order to maintain or even lower the desired cost level, we are always looking for solutions that result in automation of the process of pension granting and the online service provision.

We also devote continuous attention to the costs of governance, strategy, control and financial administration. This enabled us to reduce the total pension management costs in the period 2009 to the end of 2012 by 1.1% annually. At other pension fund service providers, the pension management costs have in fact increased, by 1.8% on average.

​Our total management costs decreased by € 1.7 million in 2012, compared to the previous year. Other factors that enable us to incur 57% lower costs are our economies of scale, higher employee productivity and lower back-office costs.

Costs per participant
PGGM’s pension management costs for PFZW, for example, are € 73 per participant. That is € 98 less than what other Dutch pension fund service providers charge on average, which is € 171 per participant.

Low costs for us means low costs for you. That is why we feel it is our responsibility to do our work as cost-efficiently as possible!

Our tailor-made service meets your participants’ and employers’ needs

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  • Pension administration

    • Pension scheme administration (managing and amending basic data)
    • Pension administration
    • Taking care of collection and disbursement
    • Providing statutory pension communications
    • Financial administration and reporting
    • Preparation of financial statements
  • ​Pension communications

    • Preserve your own character and identity
    • Your fund’s ambitions are key
    • Building trust
    • Increasing pension-awareness among your participants
    • Geared to your target groups’ own perceptions

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