Investing in solutions

On this page, you will find our articles and blogs about impact investing, or investing in solutions. More information can be found on our Investing in Solutions web page.

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    1. Upscaling ‘impact investing’

      ​Can we make a difference with pension capital? Eloy Lindeijer sees a growing amount of investments in solutions, in pursuit of both financial and social returns.

    2. Creating more room for green growth

      ​The world needs more ‘green growth’ to make sure that future generations also experience prosperity and well-being. Pension money can play a crucial role here, because it is invested long term. But to get there, governments could be more supportive of investors’ needs, while investors should attach greater weight to social needs and returns, says Chief Investment Management Eloy Lindeijer in a speech for the Duisenberg School of Finance.

    1. Pension capital should not follow, but lead

      ​Major investors must also look at the impact of their own actions on the stability of the financial markets and on the real economy. Pension capital should not follow, but lead, says Marcel Jeucken, PGGM's managing director for responsible investment, in an interview with Financial Investigator.

    1. PGGM invests 9 billion euros in solutions

      ​Pension investor PGGM invested one billion euros in ‘solutions’ last year investments that not only yield a competitive financial return, but also have a tangible impact in the areas of climate, water, food and health. Total investments in this category reached 8.9 billion euros at the end of 2015.

    1. Private capital as a force to limit climate change

      ​PGGM, together with the Danish pension administrator PKA, appeals on governments to critically assess policies and regulation that obstruct investments in green growth. In a joint position paper PKA and PGGM present four recommendations to policy makers on how they could respond to climate change.