The Federation of Dutch Pension Funds: Position Paper First Quantitative Impact Assessment run by the Dutch Pension Funds

​At the request of the supervisory authority the DNB (which was invited by EIOPA to give input in this respect), a number of Dutch pension funds have executed a Quantitative Impact Study (QIS) into the proposed review of the IORP Directive. This demonstrated that the first so-called QIS provided insufficient and inadequate input for a well-substantiated review and that a supplementary study would be necessary if the qualitative and quantitative effects were to be successfully identified.

Position paper

​According to the Federation of Dutch Pension Funds, the period available for the QIS was far too short to carry out an adequate and thorough study and to assess the potential consequences satisfactorily. The consequences of, for example, the practical impact of the so-called Holistic Balance Sheet (HBS) approach have been insufficiently analysed. It would, therefore, be extremely undesirable if EIOPA, the European supervisory authority for pensions, and the European Commission were only to base the review of the IORP Directive on the outcome of this QIS.

To the position paper: Pensioenfederatie: Position Paper First Quantitative Impact Assesment run by the Dutch Pension Funds.

*In cooperation with the Federation of Dutch Pension Funds

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