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Valuable future

A good pension is more than just having the finances in order. Our ideal future - the valuable future - is also characterised by a pleasant living environment, well-organised healthcare and facilities to help people work longer. PGGM not only wants to do its bit towards this, it wants to really work towards helping realise this future. We cannot do this alone,: as much as possible, we seek to cooperate with organisations that are as socially committed as we are. From our vision to our approach: you can follow our efforts towards a valuable future here.
    1. Time for public-private responsibility

      ​Because of their focus on the long term, pension funds are by nature an ideal partner for investing in the economy and infrastructure of Europe. Brussels should take steps quickly on the road towards closer public-private cooperation with the pension sector, PGGM's Eloy Lindeijer recently told the European Parliament.

    1. PGGM joins Circular Economy 100

      Dutch cooperative and pension fund service provider PGGM becomes the latest member to join the Circular Economy 100 – a programme which convenes businesses, emerging innovators and regions to collaborate and share insights on the circular economy.

    2. Dementia Strategies: The Netherlands

      The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport announced in April they will be investing 32.5 million euros in the battle against dementia. This money is intended for the Delta Plan Dementia, a collaboration between public and private domains to stop the vast increase in the number of people who live with dementia. The announcement marks an important step from the Dutch government in addressing the issue of dementia.

    3. WeHelp: Helping People to Help Each Other

      The Transformation of a Caring Society in The Netherlands.