Arjen Pasma

Chief Risk Officer Investments

"I’m responsible for the risk management of the investment activities that PGGM undertakes for its clients. Physically, we are positioned between the investors and the strategists and are involved in all the decision making surrounding the service provision, the investments we make, the monitoring of existing investments, the investment policy, internal policy etc. Consequently, we can be optimally effective as risk managers, not only for PGGM but, particularly, for our clients. I believe strongly in multidisciplinary teams that are carefully compiled on the basis of knowledge, experience, competences and a good male/female balance."

    1. Pension Fund Risk Manager of the year: PGGM

      Roughly 2.5 million people in the Netherlands count on pension administrator PGGM to look after assets that, as of last October, were worth €128 billion. It’s a heavy responsibility, and the firm’s risk and treasury executives say it tries to repay that faith by making risk considerations central to everything it does. Not every financial institution is as rigorous, of course, so PGGM’s biggest focus in recent years has been on counterparty exposure, where it has made some big strides.​