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    1. Position Paper: Sustainable Tax

      ​PGGM IM has drafted this position paper to determine its position with respect to socially responsible tax behavior within its asset management practice.

    2. Position Paper Financial Transaction Tax

      ​Debates are taking place in the European Union about a so-called Financial Transaction Tax. Europe wants there to be more regulation of the financial sector to enhance the degree of transparency, supervision and stability.

    1. PGGM statement on tar sand investments

      ​PGGM has sympathy for the Greenpeace campaign against the construction of pipelines which will be used for transportation of tar sand oil. As a pension fund manager we share the ambition to make the world more sustainable and move towards a carbon free economy.

    2. Statement by PGGM Outcome of NXP remuneration package unacceptable

      ​PGGM has taken note of the size of the remuneration that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NXP will receive on the successful acquisition of NXP by US company Qualcomm. It is our view that the outcome of (bonus) shares and stock options that have been granted, the total amount of which can exceed $400 million, is utterly unacceptable. As a responsible investor of Dutch pension assets, we consider such levels of remuneration in our societal context inappropriate.