Else Bos

Chief Executive Officer

Has left PGGM on November 1st, 2017

Mijn publicaties

    1. The meaning of long-termism

      ​PGGM CEO Else Bos was interviewed by FCLT Global about sustainable long-term value creation. This is a shortened version of the interview.

    2. Dutch financial sector backs the SDG's

      ​The 17 UN Sustainability Goals are a valuable reference for the sustainable investments of financial institutions, thinks Else Bos.

    3. Open letter to the Board of Directors of Oracle

      ​PGGM and Railpen, both long term shareholders in Oracle, have deep concerns about the corporate governance of the company. In this open letter the CEO’s of PGGM and Railpen ask the Oracle Board to address these governance concerns.

    1. Long-term focus gives better returns

      A focus on the long-term leads to fewer risks for investors and companies, and to better returns and profits, says Else Bos in Kempen Insight.

    2. Dementia Strategies: The Netherlands

      The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport announced in April they will be investing 32.5 million euros in the battle against dementia. This money is intended for the Delta Plan Dementia, a collaboration between public and private domains to stop the vast increase in the number of people who live with dementia. The announcement marks an important step from the Dutch government in addressing the issue of dementia.

    1. Else Bos appointed Chief Executive Officer of PGGM

      ​Else Bos (53) has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the pension fund service provider PGGM in Zeist by the shareholder of PGGM. Her appointment takes effect immediately. She succeeds Martin van Rijn, who joined the new cabinet as state secretary in the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport in November 2012. Since then, she has been acting CEO alongside her job as Chief Institutional Business (CIB) at PGGM. The appointment is subject to the approval of De Nederlandsche Bank.

    2. Else Bos acting CEO PGGM

      ​Else Bos (52) has been appointed acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by the Supervisory Board of the pension fund service provider PGGM. Bos has been with PGGM since 2002, in the capacity of deputy CEO since 2010. With the appointment of Martin van Rijn to the new cabinet she will be assuming Van Rijn’s responsibilities as from today. The exact interpretation of the position of CEO is the subject of further discussions.