Frido Kraanen

Has left PGGM April 2019

"I do my work for people. People in the healthcare and welfare sector find favour with me. They provide support and help to others during their most vulnerable and anxious moments and, in so doing, they have a significant effect on the quality of our society. Everything I do should help them!"

    1. The circular economy a very relevant development for financiers

      ​In June a document was published on a new development within our worldwide economy the circular economy, which is defined as an economy that maintains the value of its resources by designing products that remains valuable throughout and after their lifecycle. This is different than our current, linear model, where a lot of products sooner or later ends as landfill or gets burned as waste.

    1. PGGM joins Circular Economy 100

      Dutch cooperative and pension fund service provider PGGM becomes the latest member to join the Circular Economy 100 – a programme which convenes businesses, emerging innovators and regions to collaborate and share insights on the circular economy.

    2. WeHelp: Helping People to Help Each Other

      The Transformation of a Caring Society in The Netherlands.