Harry Vossebeld

Chief Operations Officer

"After successfully completing a Mathematics and Computer Science degree, I held various managerial positions at Volmac/Cap Gemini. In 2000, I joined PGGM and took on two IT functions, Application Development Manager and Infrastructure and Production Manager. In 2003, I was appointed Director of Pension Operations and subsequently Director of Operations. On 1 January 2010, I was appointed COO, my current position. In addition to my work, I delight in spending time with my children and partner; I also enjoy reading, cycling (on a racing bike), running and culture."

    1. Work in progress: A European Tracking Service

      The European Union, with its common market and open borders, gives EU citizens the opportunity to live and work freely in member states, increasing international mobility in the labor market. However, pensions are organized nationally and rules and regulations vary greatly from country to country. Keeping sight of pension entitlements, built up in various countries, is a real challenge. In order to provide more insight into cross-border pensions, the European Commission wishes to create a European pension Tracking Service (ETS). PGGM participated in an international consortium of pension providers, which has developed a business plan and a roadmap for implementation under the name of Track and Trace Your Pension in Europe (TTYPE). On 1 June 2016 these results were presented to the European Commission. In this blog, the key recommendations and the completed business plan for the realization of an efficient ETS are summarized.