Ido de Geus

Head of Treasury & Client Portfolio Management

"The world surrounding the management of pension assets is subject to continuous change, irrespective of whether this relates to the division between policy and implementation, the multi-client strategy, the credit crisis or new legislation and regulations. I view my personal challenge as being able to astutely absorb all these changes into our clients’ portfolios, without this being at the expense of the returns."

    1. EMIR exemption for pension funds: only half the story

      ​Basel III/CRDIV requirements effectively prevent banks from accepting non-cash collateral. As a result pension funds, which need derivatives to hedge interest rate risks are now confronted with increasing demand for cash.

    1. Special Report - Securities Services: In time, every time

      ​As a result of a new regulatory framework for derivatives, pension funds will need to come up with much more collateral than before. They will face multiple challenges to get the correct collateral in the right place at the right time.

    2. Pension Fund Risk Manager of the year: PGGM

      Roughly 2.5 million people in the Netherlands count on pension administrator PGGM to look after assets that, as of last October, were worth €128 billion. It’s a heavy responsibility, and the firm’s risk and treasury executives say it tries to repay that faith by making risk considerations central to everything it does. Not every financial institution is as rigorous, of course, so PGGM’s biggest focus in recent years has been on counterparty exposure, where it has made some big strides.​