Jaap van Dam

Principal Director Investment Strategy

"On the long run, the quality and outcomes of investing are determined by why, what, how and who: convictions, governance and investment process, the actual investments and the people involved. I can help to understand and improve the quality of investing"

    1. Long horizon investors ‘a crazy bunch’

      Key elements of a good definition of long term investing. On the website top1000funds.com PGGM’s Jaap van Dam gave his opinion on the key elements of a good definition of long term investing.

    1. Carbon risk cannot be ignored anymore

      ​After ‘Paris’ pension fund board members will feel the need to address questions about climate risk in their investment portfolio, writes Jaap van Dam in Top1000funds.com.

    2. The Barriers Pensions Face in Long-Term Investing

      Pensions and their boards are still stuck in a short-term investment philosophy, despite a public commitment to long-term portfolio models. If there is one solid drumbeat to come out of pensions and retirement investing, it has been the notion of long-term investing — specifically, the buy-and-hold concept to better weather short-term economic storms for sustainable and gradual growth. Yet it turns out that within this segment of asset management, the system is allowing anything but investing with a longer horizon in mind.

    3. PFZW: the Dutch pensions giant reviewing long-term, sustainable investing on a ‘White sheet of Paper’

      ​RI talks to Jaap van Dam, Managing Director Strategy at PGGM, about a multi-year research project that could radically change its investing in the next three years starting 2015.

    4. PFZW reformulates investment principles

      PFZW, the €150 billion ($205 billion) Dutch pension fund for the health care industry, has created a new investment framework; the result of an 18-month soul-searching journey called “The White Sheet of Paper”. This will translate into policy and implementation steps starting in 2015. Jaap van Dam, PGGM´s chief strategist, explains.

    5. Rethinking Investing from the Ground Up: How PFZW and PGGM are meeting this challenge

      ​In 2013, Pensioenfonds voor Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), the second-largest pension fund in the Netherlands, adopted an ambitious set of investment principles – formally titled the Investment Framework – following an 18-month process that began by asking, “What if we could start investing from scratch?” and during which PFZW’s Board members interviewed more than 30 industry experts from around the world. The project produced three important results. First, the PFZW Board has taken full ownership of the resulting investment principles. Second, the project created a powerful common language, both inside PFZW and with the investment organization PGGM. Third, it produced a fresh set of investment principles that combines lessons from the global financial crisis with a desire for strong integration of sustainability factors in investment decisions.