Marek Troszczynski van Genderen

Senior Investment Manager

    1. Cow burps and climate change

      Dutch DSM has developed a feed supplement that reduces the carbon footprint of cows. It offers PGGM an interesting opportunity to invest with impact, says Marek Troszczynski van Genderen.

    2. TCFD: quality of climate reporting improves

      ​In its second status report, the TCFD reports substantial progress in disclosing climate-related risks in financial reporting. Han van der Hoorn and Marek Troszczynski van Genderen explain.

    3. More precious than gold

      ​Things aren’t always what they seem PGGM, pensions and the surprising world of tomato seeds.

    4. Investing in a business which triggers a virtuous cycle

      ​PGGM is developing impact investing on an institutional scale. By investing in super market chain Sprouts Farmers Market, we contribute to food security (availability of quality food) while generating financial returns at the same time.

    5. Solving food challenges with pension capital

      ​Our investment in Corbion, a company known for innovative food solutions, is a typical impact investment it provides financial returns while delivering solutions to strengthen food security, says Marek Troszczynski van Genderen.


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