Michel de Jonge

Expert policy advisor Public Affairs

"I consider PGGM to be a socially committed pension provider. As an ambassador for PGGM in Brussels, I relay this commitment when working on relevant European and international contacts. I get quite a buzz from the reaction of foreigners when I tell them about our 'PGGM model'. They find it quite exceptional."

Mijn publicaties

    1. Position paper: European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

      The fundamental issue for pension funds in relation to central clearing remains their inability to post variation margin (VM) in cash. While we support voluntary clearing for pension funds and have demonstrated this by investing heavily in preparing for clearing, it is critical to find a solution for the cash VM issue that would work (a) in stressed market conditions and (b) without a material adverse effect on pensioners (including disproportionate risk or cost), before mandatory clearing is applied to pension funds.

    2. PGGM A case for Defined Ambition

      ​The Dutch are working on a new pension deal as, in their current form, Defined Benefit plans are unsustainable and individual Defined Contribution is not a viable substitute for DB.

    3. EMIR: Pension funds position on developments in level 2

      ​PGGM endorses the principles of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), such as increased transparency, reporting obligations and market security.

    4. PGGM European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

      ​The new “Over The Counter” (OTC) derivative landscape is evolving rapidly. In the temporary stay pension funds have been granted regarding exclusion from the EMIR obligations, we must seek to optimise this landscape. Introducing new rules for non-cleared transactions will result in pension funds facing both increased costs and greater risks. This is the opposite of the objectives intended by EMIR.