Our people

We are a pension fund service provider and manage the pensions for different pension funds, the affiliated employers and their employees. On June 30, 2018, we managed pension assets worth EUR 215 billion.​​​​​​​

​We have set ourselves three important challenges: to devise a new sustainable pension contract, to communicate openly and honestly with our clients’ participants, and to ensure our costs are transparent. Below you can read about the people who are to meet these challenges.

  • Executive Committee

  • Edwin Velzel Chief Executive Officer Read more

    Edwin Velzel
  • Paul Boomkamp Chief Financial & Risk Officer Read more

    Paul Boomkamp
  • Alexandra Phillippi Chief Operations Officer Read more

    Alexandra Phillippi
  • Eloy Lindeijer Chief Investment Management Read more

    Eloy Lindeijer
  • Jeroen de Munnik Chief Institutional Business Read more

    Jeroen de Munnik
  • Experts

  • Brenda Kramer Advisor Responsible Investment Read more

    Brenda Kramer
  • Cedric Scholl Advisor Responsible Investment Read more

    Cedric Scholl
  • Erik van de Brake Head of Infrastructure Read more

    Erik van de Brake
  • Frank Roeters van Lennep Chief Investment Officer Private Markets Read more

    Frank Roeters van Lennep
  • Frido Kraanen Director Cooperative and Corporate Sustainability Read more

    Frido Kraanen
  • Hans Op t Veld Head of Responsible Investment Read more

    Hans Op t Veld
  • Jaap van Dam Principal Director Investment Strategy Read more

    Jaap van Dam
  • Jelena Stamenkova van Rumpt Advisor Responsible Investment Read more

    Jelena Stamenkova van Rumpt
  • Marek Troszczynski van Genderen Senior Investment Manager Read more

    Marek Troszczynski van Genderen
  • Martin Eijgenhuijsen Senior Investment Manager Read more

    Martin Eijgenhuijsen
  • Mascha Canio Head of Credit & Insurance Linked Investments Read more

    Mascha Canio
  • Mathieu Elshout Senior Director Private Real Estate Read more

    Mathieu Elshout
  • Michel de Jonge Expert policy advisor Public Affairs Read more

    Michel de Jonge
  • Niels Krook Principal Tax Counsel Read more

    Niels Krook
  • Piet Klop Senior Advisor Responsible Investment Read more

    Piet Klop
  • Rogier Snijdewind Senior Advisor Responsible Investment Read more

    Rogier Snijdewind