Piet Klop

Senior Advisor Responsible Investment

"In my opinion, investing is more than simply a way of earning money. Consequently, I am constantly looking for ways of investing that will benefit both people and the environment. In so doing, I make use of my educational background in both environmental science and economics, as well as of my international experience. I believe it’s essential for sustainability to be given a positive boost, to be seen as a 'unique selling point' for PGGM, and as a source of inspiration and growth."

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    1. Pushing frontiers of impact measurement

      ​Together with UBS Asset Management, City University of New York and Harvard University we are developing a new methodology for measuring impact, that enables us to compare companies on impact per euro invested. IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) wrote about the developing of the new method.

    2. Allocating impact: why and how

      ​PGGM reconnects investments to real world economic, social and environmental needs and aspirations. Our vision in five to ten years it will be standard practice to characterise all our investments by their effects on society. IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) published a commentary about the why, what and how, written by Peter Borgdorff and Piet Klop.

    3. Working with the Impact Management Project

      ​PGGM has mapped the investment portfolio by its effects on people and planet. A learning experience, according to Piet Klop and Cedric Scholl.

    4. Engaged on every water front

      ​Investments in solutions to water scarcity can be made worldwide, far away, and close to home, says Piet Klop.

    5. SDGs: towards a common set of impact indicators

      ​PGGM and other Dutch investors and companies propose indicators to measure the impact of their assets to the Sustainable Development Goals.

    6. Investing in solutions and measuring the impact

      ​Impact investing needs robust measurement of the positive impact we want to make, explains Piet Klop to IPE.