PGGM and PKA agreed to cooperate

​Dutch pension fund service provider PGGM and Danish pension fund service provider PKA have signed an agreement to exchange knowledge and develop cooperation on a number of areas, including investments.

Press release

​PGGM and PKA both serve pension funds with participants within the health- and social sector operating in a global investment environment. The aim of this cooperation is finding added value in areas as membership involvement, risk management, benchmarking of costs (and cost transparency) and joint investment opportunities.

Martin van Rijn, CEO at PGGM: ”PGGM is always searching for partnerships to create added value. The pension systems in the Netherlands and in Denmark are both internationally recognized as efficient and strong systems. PKA and PGGM also operate in the same sector and in an international environment. This enables us to learn from each other and to cooperate on many areas.
Peter Damgaard Jensen, CEO at PKA: ”We have seen that we share many of the same core values and objectives regarding the development of pension fund administration, and PKA is looking very much forward to learn from a major service provider like PGGM, who in many ways operates in the same pension environment as we do.”
About PGGM
PGGM is a leading Dutch pension fund service provider offering pension management, integrated asset management, management support and policy advice to its institutional customers. PGGM currently works on behalf of six pension funds, managing around €115 billion of pension assets of 2.5 million people. As a cooperative organisation, PGGM helps its 565,000 members to secure a valuable future. PGGM works independently or with strategic partners to develop innovative future benefit solutions combining pensions, care, accommodation and employment.
About PKA
PKA is a joint administration company for five Danish pension funds with at total of 250,000 members employed in the Danish health care and social sector. AUM are 21 bn € in total. PKA provides both member service and asset management to pension funds.


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