PGGM investments receive awards

​PGGM has been proclaimed Global Financial Sponsor of the Year 2012. The asset management company received the award for a number of notable investments made in that year. The award is from the journal Project Finance International.

Press release

​There was another award for the innovative funding for the doubling of the number of lanes on the N33 road between Assen and Zuidbroek, which PGGM was instrumental in developing: the project has been proclaimed European Availability Deal of the Year 2012. This award is from Project Finance Magazine.

The widening of the N33 provincial road attracted interest last year because of the innovative approach used to fund this infrastructure project. It is the first time in the Netherlands that road building is being achieved with funding that is linked to inflation. Pension administrators such as PGGM are looking for investment opportunities that are linked to inflation.
The Global Sponsor of the Year award is related to a number of major transactions that PGGM made last year. For example, PGGM invested around 200 million euros in a British project for student accommodation and it acquired a 175 million euro stake in a British utility company. PGGM also invested more than 100 million euros to become the majority shareholder in LBC, a company specialising in the storage of oil and chemicals, including at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.
About PGGM
PGGM is a leading Dutch pension fund service provider. PGGM offers its institutional clients: pension fund management, comprehensive asset management, policy advice and management support. Currently – on behalf of six pension funds –PGGM manages slightly in excess of EUR 125 billion for 2.5 million people. As a co-operation with more than 570,000 members, PGGM is helping to achieve a valuable future. Either alone or with strategic partners, PGGM is developing innovative future provisions by linking together pensions, care, housing and work.

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