Personnel news

​PGGM has appointed Arjen Pasma (37) as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) with effect from 1 March 2012

Press release

​Arjen will be responsible for risk management within the Investments business unit of PGGM. He will report to Eloy Lindeijer, Chief Investment Management.

Arjen joins PGGM from Deloitte, where he served as Director Financial Risk Management. He also headed Deloitte’s Investment Management and Pensions practice in the Netherlands and was member of the investment committee of the Deloitte pension fund. Prior to that he held various management positions at ABN AMRO Asset Management.


The current CRO, Jac. Kragt, will leave PGGM at the end of March 2012 to pursue a PhD degree. Jac will remain associated with PGGM as an external adviser to the investment committee and the allocation committee of the Investments business unit. He has served as CRO of PGGM since 2008. From 2010 to 2011 he served as interim Chief Investment Officer, in which capacity he was a member of PGGM’s Executive Committee.


About PGGM
PGGM is a leading pension service provider offering pension management, integrated asset management, management support and policy advice to its institutional clients. PGGM currently works on behalf of six pension funds, managing around €115 billion of pension assets of 2.5 million people. As a cooperative organisation, PGGM helps its 565,000 members to secure a valuable future. PGGM works independently or with strategic partners to develop innovative future benefit solutions combining pensions, care, accommodation and employment.

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