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Willem Jan Brinkman

Chief Financial & Risk Officer

After studying Economics at the University of Groningen, I started my career in the Treasury department at NIBC in The Hague.

Via ABP, where I worked as an investment manager of the structured finance portfolio, I ended up at KPMG where I worked for thirteen years. Since 2009 as KPMG partner in the Merger and Acquisition division. In 2015, on behalf of PGGM, I became CFRO of the Dutch Investment Institution N.V., which was set up to put more institutional money to work in the Netherlands. This has led to new investment funds for SME credit, healthcare real estate and science parks. Since then, I was active in various roles for PGGM, so I got to know the organization and its customers well. In the role of CFRO of PGGM, this knowledge and experience come together nicely.

I live in Utrecht with my wife and three sons. In addition to a lifelong interest in history, I love sports and I like to play a piece on the piano in the evenings.

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