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Share your expertise in a professional organisation to make a difference worldwide. At PGGM.
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Working at PGGM. Trust, freedom and expertise.

A managed capital of 252 billion euros and 4.4 million people who can count on flawless pension administration. That is a huge responsibility. Opportunities to take the initiative and take responsibility are provided in every role at PGGM. We believe in your professionalism and give you the chance to develop your expertise. Through mutual trust and being prepared to critically evaluate each other, we lay the basis for a good employment relationship. You can then grow as an individual and PGGM grows as an organisation.

Working at PGGM. In balance.

At PGGM, we attach great value to having a good life-work balance. We help our employees achieve this. For example, we have a 36-hour working week with plenty of scope to manage your own time and work from home. Need to reflect or spend some time out? If you have been employed with us for at least 3 years, you may take a 3-month sabbatical. During this special leave, you will receive half your salary and continue to accrue your pension in full.

Working at PGGM. In development.

Having an impact on your environment requires development. At PGGM, we therefore want to see you improve your expertise every day. Want to deepen or expand your knowledge? You can do both. Through our PGGM Academy, we offer you as a professional a wide range of training options so that you can fulfil your ambitions. You are in control.