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Our mission

We are PGGM. A solid value in health and welfare. We work for good, affordable and sustainable pensions for pension funds - our clients - and their participants. We also contribute towards a liveable world, occupational health and retaining vitality in old age.

Our vision and strategy

With our strategy, ‘PGGM, a solid value in health care and social care’, we have made a clear choice. We primarily exist to serve the health and welfare sector. That is where our roots are and where our future lies. Together with Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), we support the financial future of people working in this sector and we contribute towards a healthy and vital sector. In order to help achieve our ambitions, we make our services, knowledge and experience available to other clients as well.

Our working method

We believe in pensions that we arrange together. By sharing costs and risks, we are stronger together and ultimately, everyone is better off. We therefore regard it as our social responsibility to retain the strong elements (collectiveness, solidarity and mandatory participation) of the Dutch pension system. We realise that we work with money that does not belong to us. That awareness makes us supportive. This means that we aim for the best service provision, whilst keeping a close eye on the costs: best-in-class asset management, excellent pensions administration and services that continually surprise employers, employees and pensioners in a positive sense.

PGGM wants to invest sustainably to achieve a high and stable return for a responsible risk. We want to set the tone in sustainable and long-term investment. Good returns, in line with our pension ambition, take priority here. At the same time, we - and PFZW - know that a good pension is worth more in a liveable world. Investment for the long term means taking into account the impact on people and the environment, with special attention for health care, climate, food security and clean water. As an investor, we have an influence on many businesses worldwide. We use that influence to push sectors where there is still great potential for improvement onto the right track. We report entirely openly on the dilemmas that this sometimes creates.

We contribute towards occupational health and vitality in old age. The health care sector is under pressure. The demand for care is increasing, the workload is high and the retirement age is rising. This translates into increasing absenteeism and many unfilled vacancies, among other things. With additional services, we want to contribute to job satisfaction in the sector and attractive employership and thus ensure that the health and welfare sector is futureproof.