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Working at PGGM. Impact4

How much impact do you want to have in your work? At PGGM you are right at the heart of four important societal developments. You are involved in them, but you also have significant influence on them. So with us, you’re not just having impact, you’re having an impact tot the fourth power.

Andres van der Linden, Advisor Responsible Investment

Andres van der Linden, Advisor Responsible Investment, started working for PGGM because he wanted to make impact. “But it is not just me who cares about impact. The participants of PFZW also care about it: of course, they want a good return but they want to see the impact of their investments too. We have to recognize that ESG is moving beyond ESG, PGGM is moving toward impact.” 

Andres' story about making impact

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Maurice Klaver, Advisor Responsible Investment

Maurice Klaver is part of the Private Equity team, where he focuses specifically on investments that contribute towards one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a field that has been developing rapidly in recent years. A growing number of companies are now active in the energy transition, healthcare and climate solutions. These parties, in turn, see increasing interest from pension funds in investment in these companies. 

Maurice' story about making impact

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1. Impact on the retirement plans of 4.4 million people.

Together, we administer the pensions of 4.4. million Dutch residents, many of whom work in the health and welfare sector. As such, we are also responsible for winning the trust in one of the biggest and most important sectors for the welfare of the Netherlands.

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2. Impact on the future of the pension system

Due to our size and professional expertise, we play an important role in futureproofing the changing Dutch pension system. This will need to become more flexible and respond better to people's individual lives. 

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3. Impact on the future of healthcare

With our wealth of knowledge and data about the participants who accrue their pension through us, we can help the health and welfare sector renew itself and enable the people who work there do so with enjoyment and continued vitality.

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4. Impact on what may grow

With an invested capital of 252 billion euros, we influence what may grow and what may not. We believe that money is a driving force, with which we can push the environment and society in the right direction.

Regardless of whether you work for PGGM in the call centre or manage part of our investment portfolio, whether you help build our IT systems or make actuarial pension calculations, you have an enormous impact on your environment.

Working at PGGM. Impact4

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PGGM invests consciously and responsibly, and thus contributes to making the world a better place. That's important to me."

Karin Lurvink

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