Our organisation

At PGGM Investments, we are committed to deliver excellent services to our clients. Our goal is to provide good, affordable and sustainable pensions for our clients and their participants.

PGGM Investments is facing several challenges. Not only are we facing the transition to the new pension system, we also operate in a market in which digital developments evolve quickly and in which consumers’ wishes and expectations are changing. To be able to add value for our stakeholders in the long term we need to keep up with the changed market expectations and changed client needs. So, we need to organise PGGM Investments accordingly.

We have to become ‘future proof’. We do this by creating an agile and manageable organization, while limiting execution costs and by ensuring healthy business operations. We embrace the opportunities and possibilities offered by new technologies and optimise our processes and digital systems. Additionally, we invest in high-quality teams that are aware of their responsibilities and experience PGGM Investments as being a great place to work.

In this part of our integrated report, you will learn about our organisation; about the diversity of people that work at PGGM Investments and how we remunerate them for their contributions to our goals. We will describe how we cope with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and how we strive for maximum value creation by focussing on our best-in-class status. We provide an overview of our different programmes that help us create future-proof business operations and explain why we focus on innovation and data driven research.