Communications Infrastructure

American Tower Corporation Europe

ATC Germany tower

ATC Europe owns and manages telecommunication towers in Europe. The company leases tower space to telecom operators on the basis of long-term contracts. Each tower can host multiple tenants depending on the type of tower and equipment. The tenants install their own broadcasting equipment.


Axicom tower

Axicom is the largest independent telecommunication tower operator in Australia with over 2000 sites.


Eurofiber NMK veldwerk

Eurofiber has been a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure since 2000. Eurofiber has an extensive fiberoptic network in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, as well as datacenters of its own in the Netherlands and France. Since 2000, Eurofiber has installed over 37,200 kilometers of fiberoptic cable, expanding its network by over 40 kilometers per week on average. See press release about Eurofiber.


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