• 19 apr 2022
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Help us help! PGGM and PFZW support hospitals in Ukraine

PGGM and PFZW support Cooperating General Hospitals (SAZ) in their action to provide hospitals in Ukraine with medicines and medical devices. We collect money through the Healthcare4Ukraine foundation, set up especially for this purpose, to make monthly transports possible.

We operate on a voluntary basis with zero overhead and aim to ship at least 5 truckloads of medical cargo (worth c. €150,000 per shipment) every month for the next 6 months.

Your support is welcome. Let’s work together to help Ukrainian hospitals.

Medicines and medical devices beyond the 'warzone'.

The need in Ukrainian hospitals is very high, especially behind the so-called 'warzone'. There are huge shortages of both medicines and medical devices. The Cooperating General Hospitals (SAZ) have set up a project organization to collect and distribute medicines and medical devices to Ukraine. From the Netherlands there is direct contact with the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital in Lviv. This hospital urgently needs medicines and medical devices and constantly provides us with lists of supplies needed. The hospital in Lviv provides onward delivery to other hospitals in Ukraine, beyond the border of the 'warzone'. Other hospitals will be served via Lviv, or directly via the Netherlands.

A complex and exciting project

The supply and transport of medicines within and outside Europe is subject to strict regulations and permits. Hospitals are not allowed to just donate medicines. In order to comply with all laws and regulations, the IDA Foundation is involved, which provides medication to developing countries as a social enterprise. They supply the requested medication with associated permits at a development aid rate. The costs are therefore lower than the price in the Dutch market.

The foundation Healthecare4Ukraine works closely together with professional parties for storage and transport. Medical devices are collected at a central storage point. From there, the medical devices and medicines purchased from IDA are transported to the hospitals in Ukraine. They arrange further distribution of medical devices and medicines in Ukraine.

This initiative is supported by the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ), the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) and the National Medicines Coordination Point (LCG).

What’s needed; money and capacity

The SAZ organization needs a continuous flow of financial resources to continue to meet up with the needs of the hospitals. Our goal is to ship at least 5 lorries to Ukraine per month for the coming six months (note: one shipment costs Eur150.000,-). The organization is completely organized by voluntary professionals, so that 100% of the proceeds are spent on relief goods.

What does PGGM do and what do we ask?

Together with SAZ, PGGM has set up a foundation especially for this action, called: Stichting Healthcare4Ukraine and opened a special account number. Through this foundation and this account number we will actively raise funds and support fundraising campaigns (ANBI status for the foundation is in request).


  • Support the campaign financially by transferring an amount (monthly) to the account number below.
  • Support the action on LinkedIn by sharing it in your timeline.

Account details

Stichting Healthcare4Ukraine

Account name: PGGM Vermogensbeheer BV inzake Stichting Healthcare4Ukraine

Accountnumber: NL69RABO0189653795



Stichting Healthcare4Ukraine (the “Foundation”) is a separate legal entity operating independently from PGGM Vermogensbeheer B.V. (PGGM Asset Management). No PGGM Asset Management employees will be involved in managing the accounts of the Foundation.

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