Adoption of goals in relation to three real impact indicators

The outbreak of COVID-19 has magnified the importance of life sciences by highlighting the increasing need for innovation. Life sciences firms apply themselves to solve the current health crisis and to assist with solving the challenges caused by, for example, ageing societies. The firms are seeking solutions to these challenges through the development of new drugs, therapies and devices that can cost-effectively cure diseases or improve the quality of life for patients across the healthcare spectrum. Companies that are focused on providing health care solutions account for approximately 80% of the tenant base of these properties, but face a lack of available space that meets their increasingly complex demands. Playing a role in creating new supply does not only project attractive financial returns, but also allows companies in the healthcare industry to grow. For these reasons the Private Real Estate team has committed to invest more in this asset class. In addition, the private real estate portfolio includes thousands of rooftops across the globe which could be used to place solar panels to generate renewable energy. Our engagement is expected to push external managers to install panels where technically possible and make sure that new constructions are built in such a way that renewable energy can be generated on-site.