Working and COVID 19


The coronavirus had a significant impact on our work experience in 2021. At the beginning of the year a limited number of people worked in our office in Zeist and only when strictly necessary. The national measures allowed us to scale up during the year, but near the end of the year we needed to scale down again. Most of the employees had to start working from home by default. Transactions that normally took place at the office now took place remotely. Thanks to good IT infrastructure we were able to facilitate this. Working from home has become the norm. PGGM Investments had drawn up a standard pandemic policy. This enabled the continuity of our business operations to be safeguarded. Despite this pandemic policy, we encountered plenty of unknown and unexpected factors, but the timely preparation helped us manage the crisis. However, it remains an ongoing area of attention, especially in fulfilling and maintaining a great working environment. From March 2022 onwards we will start with hybrid working, allowing our employees to work partly at our office and partly at home. With hybrid working, we want to maintain the productivity and effectiveness of working from home and combine it with meeting each other physically in the office.