Combining good financial performance with COVID-19 impact

E WEB Goal 03

Thermo Fisher has stepped up as a major player in battling COVID-19: the company was one of the first to ramp up manufacturing of PCR tests at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Thermo Fisher announced they provided over 650 million COVID-19 tests globally. COVID-19 related sales over 2020 were $ 6.6 billion (20% of total sales) and over 2021 this amount grew to $ 9.2bln (23% of total sales).

All in all, Thermo Fisher performed exceptionally well in terms of both financial performance and impact. Full year 2020 sales compared to 2019 grew by 26%, and 2021 sales compared to 2020 grew by 22%. The share price since the start of 2020 up until the end of 2021 grew by 105%.