Vision 2030

The need for this vision is driven by a number of substantial changes that we will face in the coming years:

  • The new Dutch pension contract will put the participants in the pension funds closer to the investment chain.
  • We foresee a period of low returns in financial markets.
  • There is an increasing need for further steps in integrating sustainability in our investments and processes.
  • Effectively realizing our clients’ goals for the overall portfolio requires a more integrated portfolio management approach, a less siloed process.
  • Digital transformation is evolving rapidly.

In Vision 2030, the investments deliver good financial returns, contribute to the major (sustainability) transitions in the world and have a visible impact on the themes that are important to our stakeholders. We are accountable by our pension fund clients for every euro invested, in terms of both its contribution to the pension objective and its impact on the world. In the coming period PGGM Investments will translate this vision into a strategy that maximises our added value to our clients and their members.