Statement compliance Dutch Corporate Governance Code

PGGM Vermogensbeheer B.V. (hereinafter: “PGGM Investments”) endorses the basic principles as laid down in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (hereinafter: “CG Code”) and the Dutch Stewardship Code (hereinafter: “Stewardship Code”). PGGM Investments, on behalf of itself and/or its clients, undertakes best effort to comply with the principles and best practices and/or other provisions specifically addresses institutional investors and/or shareholders.

Notwithstanding preceding, PGGM Investments explicitly reserves the right to depart from the Code and/or the Stewardship Code, specifically with regard to – but not limited to - provision 4.1.6 and 4.1.7 of the CG Code. PGGM Investments will assess, on a case- by- case basis, whether or not it will respect the response time as stipulated in the Code and/or by the publically listed Company involved. This approach applies in particular to the right to exercise the right to put items on the agenda of an (extraordinary) general meeting of shareholders (hereinafter: “AGM”), and/or request for organising an AGM, as referred to in provision 2:110 Dutch Civil Code. In any case, PGGM Investments shall duly explain its decision to depart from the principles and best practice provisions.